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Firearms for the 21st Century

The firearms industry is undergoing a virtual revolution in America and around the world. As science and technology continue to make new modifications and accessories cheaper and cheaper, the gun industry begins to change.

Suddenly, plastics and carbon fiber add-ons don’t cost a fortune. The purchase of a new set of grips for a handgun is incredibly low and the aftermarket industry continues to boom for many of America’s most popular gun models.

This is great news for those of us who consider themselves Second Amendment advocates. It means that the industry is growing and the American people value their rights protected in the Constitution.

Here are RAACFirearms.com, we pride ourselves on being steeped in the American tradition of craftsmanship and dependability in firearms. For hundreds of years, Americans have valued and protected their rights to protect themselves and their families from violence that threatens itself upon them.

We aim to carry this new wave of innovation in firearms, coupled with the craftsmanship of its rich history, into the 21st Century with quality firearms and dependable mechanics. Furthermore, we specialize in Russian designed and inspired guns and look to make them suitable for the 21st Century.

As with countless American gun designs, Russia has many great designs in firearms, but very few of them are manufactured within the United States. There is no reason why American collectors should be forced to buy foreign firearms when the can be produced domestically and provide American jobs. If Americans can do the job, that is good enough for us.

Positive Developments in Second Amendment News

Fortunately, there have been many positive developments for Second Amendment advocates in the past 30-40 years that really show a marked shift in America’s attitude towards gun ownership and the legal right citizens have on their firearms.

The assault weapons ban that was passed by then President Bill Clinton has since expired, and despite his numerous attempts, we can all breath a sigh of relief that President Obama and Diane Feinstein have not been able to reinstate it.

Similarly, I would have never thought in my lifetime that so many states would have legal concealed carry laws on the books. Despite the occasional setback and controversy, Second Amendment advocates are actually in a much better place than they were—say—in the late 1970s.

But, despite these advances, Second Amendment advocates must remain dedicated. It’s been shown that if the administration cannot get what it wants through passing legislation, that it will go to the courts or to the bureaucracy to change the rules. We saw just this year an attempt by the ATF to “reclassify” all green-tips .223 ammo as “armor piercing” and therefore unfit for any civilian use.

Thankfully this was dismissed, only because of the tenacity of those who value the rights afforded to them in the Constitution. But that doesn’t mean that the Bureau won’t come back with a new proposal. We need to stay informed an up to date.

The Future of Firearms

It’s hard to predict what the future may hold for firearms. From how incredibly technological our society has become even some of the breakthroughs in firearms seem primitive.

The future likely will center greatly around optics, new materials for barrels, stocks, etc., the incorporation of 3D printers, and at least for the military, the incorporation of robotics. These things are all likely to play a major role in where firearms are heading.

The important thing, however, is to always keep a high level of quality and stay dedicated to the craft. That is how we can excel as marksman, as sportsman, and in defending ourselves.

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