Pistol grips are an integral part of a firearm. It is the part that is held by the hand and orients the hand forward, thus alleviating a lot of motion of the wrist. The fact that so many aspects of shooting can be altered simply by changing out the grips is an amazing fact, which really illustrates the importance of having good, quality grips for your 1911. A good set of grips can improve stability, grip, and functionality and they can even affect the accuracy with which you shoot.

What are the Best 1911 Grips?

Today, we will look at five custom 1911 grips that you can use to swap in and out on your gun. We will check out their differing features, similarities as well as what they have to offer. It is our hope that you will find one that suits your needs and better equip you in your own purchase.

VZ Grips Operator II Standard Review

1911 wrap around gripsFinally, we take a look at the VZ Grips Operator II Standard. These beautiful grips are made in the USA of nearly indestructible G10 and are available in an array of different colors.

These are some cool 1911 grips, designed basically the same as the original Operators. The only difference being that the large aggressive checkering has been replaced next to the front strap with an aggressive golf ball pattern. There is also the addition of a thumb recess for the magazine release. It is a very functional grip which comes in handy for the tournament shooter or those in the tactical high-speed environment.

In addition, these grips will not get tacky if you are doing a lot of shooting in high heat areas like some other grips do. When buying online, people are often worried about how much confidence they can have in the company they are buying from. With VZ Grips, you can have that confidence. They have been a leading manufacturer of the finest grips for many weapons since 2003. With write-up’s in some of the biggest gun magazines in the world and many valued customers that stand behind these products as much as the company itself does, you can be sure you are buying with confidence.

Pearce 1911 Grips Review

best looking 1911 gripsFirst, we will take a look at Pearce Grips for 1911 and equivalent models. These 1911 handgrips are made of rubber with finger groove inserts. The side portion of these grips are only 1mm thick so that the overall width is hardly affected at all, which makes them a great set of compact 1911 grips.

These grips fit under any GM 1911 side panel grip and add the rubber finger grooves in front to provide much better comfort and considerably better handling. These grips allow for the use of any side panel grip including pearlite, ivory and wood. While these are primarily for the enhancement of side panels, there is likely to be a need for a bit of trimming done to tidy up the look once they are installed. This can easily be done with a razor for a very nice finished look.

They are easy install but do tend to get a bit sticky if they come into contact with typical gun cleaning products. Once the minimal bit of trimming is done, after the side panels are installed, the overall feel of these grips is nice and there are no issues with the magazine going into the gun after installation.

Pachmayr Grips Review

1911 wrap around wood gripsThe Pachmayr Wrap Around 1911 Grips fit the Colt/Legend 1911 and similar copies, come in an elegant wood styling with a soft rubber feel and provide great performance handling and recognizable control. With their ambidextrous safety fit, they will make a great addition to any gun, no matter how you shoot or which hand you prefer.

These easy to install, wrap around grips are easy to install and with a bit a locktite on the screws that you put back into them, they should work just fine until you are ready to change them out again.

Along with the sleek look, the ease of install and the proven durability, these grips can also lessen recoil, making your 1911 much more comfortable to shoot. They also seem to fit perfectly for any size hand, big or small. The comfort, control and maneuverability are still there.

Magpul 1911 Grips Review

1911 compact gripsNext are the Magpul Industries MOE 1911 Grip Panels that will fit any full size 1911 or comparable copy with standard grip screw bushings. These panels are made of the highest quality materials available, tested for durability and designed to be safe and unique.

With a reinforced polymer construction and a unique diamond shaped cross section to prevent twisting in the hand, these grips will be a welcome addition to any of your 1911 firearms. These grips were created as an evolution of the original MOE 1911 grip panels and offer the user a more aggressive texture allowing for even better control of the weapon no matter the environment it is used in.

These slim grips work great for extra large hands and the thumb groove allows just the right access to the magazine release. They do not come with their own screws, so you will have to use the ones that come with the gun itself. They are also cut in such as way as to allow access for an ambidextrous safety, which comes in handy, depending on which model gun you are replacing the grips on. In addition, depending on the model gun you have, you may have to do a bit of trimming with an exacto or other razor type knife, but with a bit of sandpaper, no one will ever know that you have done that.

Hogue Wraparound Rubber Grips Review

best 1911 pistol on the marketNext are the Hogue Wraparound Rubber Grips. These grips have finger grooves and fit the 1911 Colt .45 9mm. These grips are the perfect choice is you are a shooter that is looking for a nice sleek grip, which is as attractive as it is functional.

These Hogue 1911 grips are manufactured from a soft durable rubber that features a lightweight, synthetic skeleton that makes the rigid interior or the grip. The synthetic insert is chemically bonded to the exterior rubber grip, which insures that the grip will not delaminate or come apart on you. Making the gun feel more like an extension of your arm, they are very capable of aiding in precision while shooting, with the added stability they offer.

For those with large hands, these grips absolutely fit like a glove and offer the control that is not readily seen when using the standard wood grips. There may be some instances you might have to trim away a bit of the rubber so that the safety is not too tight, but this is done quickly and easily with a razor knife and some sandpaper. When you put all the features of these grips together, along with the affordability along the lines of 1911 grips, you have a product you are sure to be happy with.

My Vote for Best Custom Grips for 1911

1911 grips for saleEvery one of these sets of 1911 custom grips are quality, and you can’t go wrong. None of them are too expensive either. That said, I do have a preference of one over the other.

My personal favorite of these five is definitely the VZ Operator Grips. With their high quality materials, great grip stability and excellent functionality, they are truly hard to beat. The fact that their customer service is as distinguished as it is, and they have been featured in many different high-end gun magazine makes it a fairly easy purchase.

Aside from the functional features and maneuverability, the design is absolutely stunning the fact that these grips can be purchased in so many different colors makes it just as nice to look at as to use. Some color choices include black, gray, desert sand, zebra, pink green and tiger stripe, so not only can you have complete confidence in the tactical workings of the grips, but you can also use them to accessorize your favorite outfits, making them an excellent choice for all the ladies out there.