If you are looking for a way to keep your valuables and handguns safe from intruders, children, or others, you might want to consider purchasing a hidden gun storage safe for your home. Hidden safes are simply safes that do not take up much room or that can be hidden in a wall, a closet, or other cleverly designed item, keeping them out of your line of sight and keeping your valuables and handguns locked up tightly.

The options for hidden gun storage are various, and these safes come in different sizes for a variety of different purposes. If you are looking to store jewelry, you might choose a vent safe or a book safe, while if you are looking to store larger firearms, you might want to opt for a bench safe. Another interesting safe that you might not have considered is an under the desk holster for small pistols. The options for keeping your items safe and secure are almost unlimited, and there are a great deal of ways to make sure that everything is locked up tight!

Best Hidden Gun Safe Reviews

Here we are going to take a look at some of the most interesting types of hidden gun cabinets and safes on the market, and give a little bit of information for each, such as what purpose they are best intended for, their size, and their price.

At the end of the article, I will take some time and discuss which hidden safe I believe is the best value and will be used the most, and reasons why.

Paragon 7725 Flat Superior Electronic Hidden Wall Safe Review

hidden gun cabinetThe Paragon 7725 Flat Superior Electronic Hidden Wall Safe is a great safe to choose if you are planning on needing plenty of storage space, such as if you plan on using it for more than one hand gun or important items. The exterior dimensions of the safe are 22 inches high x 16 inches wide x 4 inches deep, and is made out of strong steel. The door itself, which is also made from steel, measures 1/8 of an inch thick, providing ample protection for your valuables and handguns.

Simply cut a hole of these dimensions into drywall inside a bedroom or closet, slide t he safe inside, and secure. You can hang artwork, picture frames, or other decorations over the safe to conceal it further. The interior features three shelves, and the safe can be opened with a programmable keypad or a lock and key, giving you multiple options. The steel construction of the safe makes it more difficult for it to be tampered with by hands or other tools. With a price tag of $77, you get a great deal of quality and protection with the Paragon safe.

BARSKA Hidden Real Book Gun Safe Review

gun hideawayPriced at $34, the BARSKA Hidden Real Book Gun Safe is a great choice for those who have plenty of books and are looking for some additional security for their belongings! Whether you have a library in your own home or just a few bookshelves, this hidden gun safe allows you to hide your jewelry, important papers, or even small handgun right in the room, and no one will be any the wiser!

With a lock and key security system, which features a lockbox inside an actual paper book, the safe has dimensions of 7.5×1.75x 10.5 inches for the outer size and an inner size of 5.5x1x7.75 inches. The safe on the inside is made of a strong steel, and the outside is constructed like an actual hardcover book, complete with individual paper pages!

American Furniture Classics 502 Gun Concealment Storage Bench Review

concealment furnitureFor those who have larger firearms to be concealed and would like to do so in style, the American Furniture Classics 502 Gun Concealment Storage Bench is a great option that will compliment your home decor, as it is available in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes.

Weighing in at sixty-four pounds and with dimensions of 51 x 17 x 20 inches, you can be sure that this bench will be more than just a stylish seat – you will have plenty of room to store anything you desire – including a variety of firearms that might not fit into other hidden safes.

Inside the safe there is room for up to five long guns, with a removable and optional tray to store handguns, ammunition, or other valuables. The inside has plenty of room and it also has an interior that is lined with soft fabric to protect your valuables and firearms from being scratched or damaged while inside. The $150 locking bench is a great addition to a hunting cabin or small home, no matter what you plan on storing inside.

Wolverine Holsters Under – the – Desk Holster Review

hidden bedroom storageIf you spend a lot of time at your desk in your home office, you might want to consider an interesting way of keeping your handgun with you and out of sight. The Wolverine Holsters Under – the – Desk Holster is not so much a safe as it is an under the desk holster, so you will want to make sure that young children will not find their way into the room while your handgun is holstered under the desk.

The holster is designed to hold a variety of big and small sized handguns, and screws underneath your desk with four screws. You can also use this inside a wall, in the closet, or in a cabinet, as well. This holster is a great way to hide your handgun around your home and be sure that you will be able to draw quickly in case of an emergency. The under the desk holster is priced at about $25, making it affordable and easy to use.

Quick Vent Safe with RFID Review

hidden storage placeThe Quick Vent Safe with RFID from Home Self Defense Products is a great choice for homes, apartments, or even offices, and allow you to have a secure place to store your valuables. Not only can you hide your valuables and keep them safe, but this hidden safe also features a RFID technology that will keep things such as key fobs and credit cards safe, as well.

The easy to install safe is placed into the wall, with a vent like grating to cover it, allowing it to blend in virtually anywhere you wish to place it. The vent grating screws over the hidden area, blocking view of the contents.

Since it looks like an HVAC vent, no one will be any the wiser as to what is actually inside! The price on this one is a bit steeper, however, at $220.

My Vote for Best Secret Gun Storage

mirror gun safeFor those who are looking for a hidden safe, the first thing you will want to consider is what you plan to use it for. This will determine what kind of concealed gun storage you should buy.

For example, do you plan on storing a firearm inside? Do you want to use it to keep your jewelry safe? Where exactly do you want to keep the safe? It is crucial to have all of these things in mind when shopping for your safe, do you know what type to purchase.

For the best all purpose hidden safe, I have to recommend the Paragon 7725 Flat Superior Electronic Hidden Wall Safe. It fits easily into the wall, has plenty of options for keeping your items secure, and offers a good deal of space for those who have plenty of things to store inside. It will go well in any room of the house, and you even have the option to cover the safe with decorations, photographs, or artwork to decrease visibility.